India set Australia target of 353 to win

17th over: Australia 79-1 (Warner 33, Smith 6) Target 353 Four off this accurate Kuldeep over, the Australians happy enough taking the singles on offer to sweepers square of the wicket and down the ground. No risks. 

“Warner looks well off his stride here,” observes Bob Wilson. “A mix of his form and some really strangly bowling. Given his ‘temperament’, he’s bound to go all hormonal about it in a minute. Which will produce fireworks in one of two directions. Either way, a spectator win. I still do love watching him emote.”

Notwithstanding what went down in South Africa last year, he is very zen these days. For better or worse. Mind you, a bit of Old Davey Warner might be required as far as launching some sixes over cow corner. Not quite yet, though.

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